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Copa de Oro = 50 Years
Reunion Memory Book

These classmates attended:
* means brought spouse or guest.

Joan Adams Metcalf*
George Aumond
Bob Baumann
Ward Belding*
Rick Bennett
Dave Black*
Patti Bruce Young*
Suzy Butzen Lobaugh*
Peter Castonguay*
Jim Cherniss*
Rob Clyde
Tom Corso*
Ken Dawson*
Mitch Denning*
Jim Diamond
Ginny Driscoll Hoffman
Pam Eastwood McKeever*
Eric Eliason
Mike Eliason*
Pete Fiore
Cathie Flack McMillan
Karen Friendt Madsen
Dee Lee Garber Suzuki
Ted Geissler
Mike Gilbert
Donna Giles
Steve Greatrex*
Nancy Grimm Dillon*
Robert Hall
Jan Hallock Graves
Patricia Harvey*
Art Hawkins*
Karl Hettesheimer
Dick Holmes
Ron Howe
Jim Hules
Stu Hurst*
Jere Johnson Harding
Jess Kinser
Barbara Kuhlman Griffin
Gil Kveen
Steve Lewis*
Bob Lincoln*
Jim Lindsey
Jon Loomis*
John Ludlow*
Gayanne McBride Miller
Gini McBride Zelenak*
Carolyn McGrath
Melinda McLin
Kathleen Melendy
Jeff Milham
Barbara Misterly
Barbara Monahan
Jess Mortensen
Pat Nicholas
Phylis Nielsen
Aleck Ogilve
Tom O'Hara*
Wendy Pollock
Rosemary Richardson
Jim Rogers
Pauline Rohde Hamann
Paula Samonte*
Dave Schermerhorn*
Jo Stefaniak Dewhirst
Jane Stewart White*
Joni Strasburg
Judie Swink
Ginny Sylvester
Valery Tasker Hamilton*
Marcia Thomas Conway*
Tom Towle
Steve Vogl*
Judy Warrender
Sandy Webster Butler*
Deanne Weed Davis*
Dave Westlund
Dan Wilshire*
Don Ziegler

Rialto theater
Rialto Theater, remember those dates in the balcony?

SPHS in 2009
South Pasadena High School in 2009

59 walk tile
Class of 1959 tile in walk way in front of the auditorium.

South Pasadena High School
Class of 1959

Last update May 17, 2019

50 Year Class Reunion - Sept. 25-27, 2009
Tiger Topics DVD     It's now in the history book - 80 classmates and 34 spouse/guests attended
    See your classmates comments on their reunion experience below -
    most said it was a fun and memorable event that exceeded their expectations.
    Tiger Topics DVD and Memory books were sent to every one.

School tour group
This group of SPHS 1959 classmates came out of the shade of the cafeteria for a quick group shot in the hot sun and before going on the school tour during the 50 Year Reunion weekend.
Sept. 25-27, 2009

Mega thanks to Joanne Lindsey Dickson (class of 1961) for letting our class have the main event at her beautiful home in South Pasadena. 50 Year Reunion Itinerary:

Friday, 5:00 PM
Pre-Reunion Reception at Mijares Mexican Restaurant

Saturday 9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast at the SPHS cafeteria courtyard

Saturday 9:30 AM
Tour of the SPHS Campus by the Principal

Saturday 11:00 AM
South Pas Historical Museum / Meridian Iron Works

Saturday 5:30 PM
Main Event Dinner & Party at the Dickson Home
Food catered by Simply Elegant.

Sunday, 10:00 AM
Final Gathering with a Continental Breakfast at the Dickson Home

Art Hawkins wants you to know:
The reunion was AWESOME. Everything down to the last detail was well planned. I can't think of a single thing that could have been changed to make it more enjoyable. Even the date selected for Saturday's outdoor dinner had the perfect temperature for a most enjoyable evening.
The Reunion Committee can't be thanked enough for all their hard work that resulted in such a stellar event. The entire weekend was special but Saturday night was the icing on the cake. So much thought went into every detail including take home commemorative wine glasses and votive candle holders along with Tiger pencils. The spiral bound Memory Book complete with a Copa de Oro cover will be cherished and read. It was wonderful to reconnect with all that could make it and hear from them about their last half century. Those that couldn't attend missed a very special happening. Thanks again Reunion Committee you did one fantastic job!!!!!! Also thanks to all that attended, it wouldn't have been a success without such a large turnout.

Bob Bauman commented:
Congratulations to the committee on a perfect weekend it was a memory I will have forever.

From Eric Eliason
I'd like to echo what Kathy Melendy said. Also, to thank all for your kindness and best wishes. It was indeed a joyful occasion meeting so many classmates after 50-52 years. It certainly did not seem as though that many years had passed (it say's a lot about true friendships). Please accept my apology if I did not connect with you. I have missed you all over the many years that have passed and also of course some of my best buddies who are no longer with us.

Pat Nicholas opines;
Everyone on the Reunion Comittee did a great job. I enjoyed every minute of the reunion. It was great fun seeing all of my classmates, at the same time it is a little sad in knowing that it will be the last time I see the majority of them. It is amazing how fast 50 years goes by.

Suzy Butzen speaks:
Our reunion was tremendously successful on every level, a HUGE THANK YOU for all the committies work, dedication and follow-through. OK so it may have been a bit cooler but we managed. My smile is still from ear to ear with the joy we shared over the weekend.
Seeing everyone in each setting was just so special that words don't do it justice. It was first class all the way. Anyone who opted not to come will surely regret it and certainly never want to miss another one. I am so happy that there are plans for more frequent gatherings. As age continues to catch up with us, it is probably wise not to let too many years go by without some gathering plans. If I can be of help, count me in!
I am reading every page of the book truly appreciating each tidbit of information. What a treasure! My husband Hal loved getting to know the golfers and many of the gals I have spoken of over the years.
The gratitude due all of you for making the event happen - down to the smallest detail - is overwhelming! THANK YOU barely scratches the surface!
I plan to visit our web site often and certainly do a better job of keeping up with "us". I hope we all do that!

Patricia Harvey emails:
I had so much fun, I wish we could do a get together every year. Reconnecting was better than I could have imagined. I'm really enjoying reading through everyone's page in the Memory Book. Again - thank you

Tom Corso (Class of 1960) emailed Gini:
I'm not real good at making a fuss about the medical problems I've been having since the accident. I can tell you that you and Gil Kveen made the moving around less difficult so that I might enjoy much of the reunion. I would have missed so much due to high curbs or areas where there was no access at all. I will shout it to the rooftops that the committee from the Class of 59 has set the standard for events to live up to from your reunion forward! Shortly my Class of 1960 will be hosting a get-together that I'm sure will use suggestions from those that were fortunate enough to be invited to yours. That Copa that arrived at the evening dinner is wonderful! The DVD of your final year at ESPEE was waiting here in Lakeside as an added bonus to the weekend's three day Party. Everytime I think I've mentioned every surprise from the weekend another one comes to mind that must be mentioned with a grateful heart. You folks are incredible! Both Rocky and I send our respects to you all and with our hope that the friendships renewed or created will go on forever. Until we meet again.

50 year reunion banner
Patti Bruce Young had this banner made to greet us at the sign in table.

Donna and Judie rocking out
Donna Giles and Judie Swink still know how to rock out!

Barbara Misterly, Deanne Weed and Virginia Sylvester
Barbara Misterly, Deanne Weed and Virginia Sylvester

Tom Towle, Cathy Flack, Ward Belding
Tom Towle, Cathy Flack and Ward Belding.

Las Flores Elementary girls
Only two at the Las Flores Elementary breakfast table - Phylis Nielsen and Virginia Sylvester.

Tony the Tiger
Bronze 'Tony' the Tiger shown by Principal Janet Anderson in the school library during the tour - Ginny Sylvester, Ron Howe, Ken Dawson and Steve Greatrex wife, Isabel.

Patti and Ginir
Dave Westlund, Art Hawkins, Patti Bruce and Gini McBride.

SPHS track
I know what they are thinking; "could I still run a lap?"

dinner table set up on the lawn
Dinner tables set up on the lawn of the Dickson home ready for hungry classmates.

class of 1959 school gift
Principal Janet Anderson told us that they got rid of our class gift of a score board when the football field was redone. Art Hawkins and I figured that the class of 57 would not mind if we adopted their gift of the pep rally stage in its place so we changed the 7 tile to a 9.

Mijares welcome menu
Mijares welcome to the class and menu

Golfers left to right - Suzy Butzens husband Hal Lobaugh, Bobby Hall, Pat Nicholas,Jim Cherniss, Bob Lincoln, Joe Minkler, Pete Fiore, Jim Lindsay, Stu Hurst, Bob Baumann, Rob Clyde and Patti Bruces husband Tom Young.

Rockin Robin
Paula Samonte (right) and her back up singers Tom Towle, Donna Giles, Ward Belding and Barbara Misterly led us in the school song then gave us their rendition of Rock'in Robin as Don Ziegler spins the background music

Wendy Pollock, Karl Muggins Jane
Wendy Pollock, Karl Hettesheimer, Barbara Monahan and Jane Stewart.

Rick Bennett looks to fill his plate and Barbara Monahan is looking for the Poi at Saturday nights big event.

Golf lesson
Rob gives a golf lesson

Joni, Judy and George
Joni Strasburg, Judy Warrender and George Aumond

table detail
Table flower center piece, souvenir Tiger votive candle glass, wine glass and pencil were donated by anoymous classmates.

the Girls
Kathy Melendy, Pam Eastwood, Cathie Flack and Carolyn McGrath.

Jim Jess brother Allen
Jim Diamond, Jess Kinser and his brother Allen.

Jo, Suzie, Bob and Hal
Jo Stefaniak, Suzy Butzen, Bob Bauman and Suzies husband Hal Lobaugh.

Pat Bobby Barb
Patricia Harvey, Bobby Hall and Barbara Misterly.

Rosie, John, Rob, Barb and Val
Rosemary Richardson, John Ludlow, Rob Clyde, Barbara Monahan and Valery Tasker

Karen and Sandy
Karen Friendt and Sandy Webster

Joan Adams
Joan Adams and husband Dave Medcalf.

Dave Schermerhorn
Dave Schermerhorns wife Lea, Tom O'Hara, Dave Schermerhorn and Dave Blacks wife Susie.

Jim Rogers and Gil Kveen
Jim Rogers and Gil Kveen.

Wilshires and Vogls
Dan Wilshire and wife Karen, Steve Vogl and guest Gail Chapman.

Marcia Thomas
Marcia Thomas and husband Mike Conway.

Ginny Driscoll, Alec Ogilvie, Pat Nickolas, John Ludlow
Ginny Driscoll, Alec Ogilvie, Pat Nickolas and John Ludlow.

Jim Lindsay, Joanne Lindsay Dickson
Jim Lindsay gets a massage from Joanne Lindsay Dickson.

Karen and Jim Cherniss
Karen and Jim Cherniss

Mike Gilbert
Mike Gilbert, Bobby Hall, Pete Fiore, Jim Lindsay and Kathy Flack.

Ron Howe and Ginny Sylvester
Ron Howe and Ginny Sylvester smile for the camera.

Barb Kuhlman, Barb Monahan, Melinda McLin
Barbara Kuhlman, Barbara Monahan and Melinda McLin.

Jeff Milham
Jeff Milham, Kathy Flack, Jim Hules and Jim Diamond.

Jon Loomis, Dave Westlund, Stu Hurst
Jon Loomis, Dave Westlund and Stu Hurst.

Jan Hallock
Jan Hallock caught just after returning from the dessert table.

Gayanne McBride and Jess Mortensen
Gayanne McBride and Jess Mortensen.

Barbara Kuhlman on right
Valery Tasker, Ward Belding, Jere Johnson and Barbara Kuhlman.

Eric Eliason and Jere Johnson
Bobby Hall, Erik Elliason and Jere Johnson.

Barbara Kuhlman and Steve Lewis
Kathie Legge, guest of Barbara Kuhlman, Patty Lewis, Steves wife, Barbara Kuhlman and Steve Lewis.

Steve Greatrex
Steve and Isabel Greatrex.

Wendy Pollock and Mitch Denning
Wendy Pollock, Mitch and Mary Denning.

Ted Geissler & Beldings
Ward Beldings wife Pat, Ted Geissler and Ward Belding.

Pete Castonguay and John Ludlow
Pete Castonguay and John Ludlow.

Nancy Grimm
Nancy Grimm's husband Clint, Paula Samonte and Nancy Grimm.

Tom and Mary Ann O'Hara
Tom and Mary Ann O'Hara.

Eliason brothers
The Eliason brothers Mike and Erik.

Dave Black
Dave Black enjoys a marg at Mijares.

Dick Holmes
Dick Holmes also enjoys a margurita.

Rob Clyde and Carole Lincoln
Rob Clyde and Bob Lincolns wife, Carole.

Pauline, Karen, Cathie, De Lee
Pauline Rohde, Karen Frendt, De Lee Garbor and Cathie Flack - the Lincoln Av Elementary gang.

Bob Lincoln, Hurst, Pete Fiore
Bob Lincoln, Stu Hursts wife, Julie and Pete Fiore.

Your 50 Year Reunion Committee:

Gini McBride
Gini McBride Zelenak

Tom O'Hara
Tom O'Hara
Roster & Webmeister

Deanne Weed
Deanne Weed Davis

John Ludlow
John Ludlow
Saturday Venue

Patti Bruce
Patti Bruce Young

Rob Clyde
Rob Clyde
Friday Venue

Bob Lincoln
Bob Lincoln
Saturday Golf

Pauline Rohde
Pauline Rohde Hamann

Don Ziegler
Don Ziegler
Spinner of Tunes

Judy Warrender
Judy Warrender

committee meeting at Mijares Jan 2009
Reunion Committee met at Mijares restaurant in January 2009. Clock wise around the table: Bob Lincoln, Deane Weed Davis, Rob Clyde, John Ludlow, Patti Bruce Young, Gini McBride Zelenak, Pauline Rohde Hamann, Don Ziegler, Mary Ann and Tom O'Hara. Did you recognize any of these old people?

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