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1959 Copa de Oro:

Pg. 6    High School Building

Pg. 10 Administrators
Pg. 11 Counselors
Pg. 12 English
Pg. 13 English
Pg. 14 Math
Pg. 15 Science
Pg. 16 Social Studies
Pg. 17 Foreign Language
Pg. 18 Fine Arts
Pg. 19 Industrial Arts
Pg. 20 Physical Education
Pg. 21 Personnel

    Senior Class
Pg. 22 Commission
Pg. 23 Commission
Pg. 24 Girls' League
Pg. 25 Boys' League
Pg. 28 Weldon Winners
Pg. 29 High and Mighty
Pg. 30 Adams to Bauman
Pg. 31 Belding to Bruce
Pg. 32 Buckner to Collins
Pg. 33 Currey to Driscoll
Pg. 34 Eastwood to Flack
Pg. 35 Forsha to Gray
Pg. 36 Greatrex to Hettesheimer
Pg. 37 Hockersmith to Keith
Pg. 38 Kirk to Lincoln
Pg. 39 Loomis to Mortensen
Pg. 40 Mowrer to McLin
Pg. 41 McNally to Parker
Pg. 42 Parks to Richardson
Pg. 43 Rieckenberg to Shearon
Pg. 44 Siemer to Swink
Pg. 45 Sylvester to Warrender
Pg. 46 Webster to Works
Pg. 47 Wright to Ziegler
Pg. 48 Senior Committes
Pg. 50 Senior Activities

    Junior Class
Pg. 52 Anderson to Benz
Pg. 53 Bergherm to Carlson
Pg. 54 Carnes to Enright
Pg. 55 Farlee to Henderson
Pg. 56 Hensler to Kvien
Pg. 57 LaFreniere to Nevarez
Pg. 58 Newcomer to Schmidt
Pg. 59 Schreiber to Tripodes
Pg. 60 Tubbesing to Ziegler
Pg. 61 Junior Activities

    Sophomore Class
Pg. 62 Alexander to Clouse
Pg. 63 Colburn to Hudson
Pg. 64 Hummel to Parkins
Pg. 65 Parks to Ware
Pg. 66 Wheeler to Worthing

Pg. 70 Yell & Song Leaders
Pg. 71 Flag Girls
Pg. 72 Pep Association
Pg. 73 Bengals
Pg. 74 Copa de Oro Staff
Pg. 75 Copa de Oro Staff
Pg. 76 Tiger Staff
Pg. 77 Tiger Staff
Pg. 132 Queen & Princesses
Pg. 133 Color Day
Pg. 140 Ads

1958 Copa - Juniors
1957 Copa - Sophomores
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South Pasadena High School
Class of 1959

Last update June 16, 2013

The Big All Year Grand Reunion was held on
Saturday, June 16, 2012, and is now history

This is the big reunion held every 10 years where you get chance to see Tigers from all the other classes. This one actually started on Friday afternoon with a tour of the Jr. High School which is now a Middle School - grades 6-9. Many buildings were rebuilt or added but the auditorium and the old gym are still standing. After the tour, some went down to Twohey's for hot fudge sundaes or Stink-o burgers. Saturdays activities began at 8am with a continental breakfast in the cafeteria. At 10am and 4pm, an assembly was held, but in-between, you could go in, sit down and cool off while listening to music from a theater organ. Bus tours of South Pasadena were given on every hour. Music played all afternoon and into the evening starting with Don Zieglers collection of oldies, and continuing on with many live bands. Each band had to have at least one SP grad in it. The Alumni Assn. gave tutorials on how to subscribe and use the web site and to update your profile. There were displays of old bicycles, old photographs of the High School and the city and an art walk. SPHS shirts, hats and other memorabilia were for sale. See all the photos below.

Jr. High front door
Tom O'Hara and Patti Bruce Young arrived early to try to sneak into the Jr. High to go up into the clock tower but the front door was locked.

hot fudge sundaes at Twohey's

    The hot fudge sundaes at Twohey's have not changed in all these years. L-R around the table: Tom and Patti Bruce Young, Ginny Sylvester and Ron Howe, Gil Kveen, Gini McBride Zelenak, Don Ziegler, Tom and Mary Ann O'Hara, Bonnie and Dyton Marona.

Patti's old house in SP
Patti Bruce took time to visit the house she lived in on Wolford Lane back when she went to school in SP.

Jr High new gym

    Gil Kveen and Gini McBride Zelenak walk across the sports field from the new Gym on the west side toward the old gym.

Jr. High old gym
Patti Bruce Young and Ginny Sylvester Howe couldn't climb the rope back then and could not do it now in the old girls gym. No Penny Hop today either. Note the climbing wall.

Jr High Auditorium

    The Jr. High Auditorium and its wall art is being restored and preserved.

Keep scrolling for more photos

Class tents
The class gathering tents were set up by class year decades on the girls sports field.

Dotty 'Tansy' Iberry
Dotty "Tansy" Iberri Rogers stopped by the reunion on her way back to Canada after spending 6 months traveling around Baja in her motorhome.

Bobby Hall
Bobby and Marie Hall.

Mike and Kathy Melendy Gilbert
Mike and Kathy Melendy Gilbert.

Class of 58 SPHS cafeteria
The class of 1958 men join us in the cafeteria to eat lunch from the trucks. L-R around the table: Denis Petersen and Sarah (SMHS 60'), Don O'Grady, Ron and Ginny Sylvester Howe, Mike McMillan, Bob Linville, Mary Ann (SMHS 60') and Tom O'Hara, and Richard 'Snitch' Robison.

SPHS auditorium
New SPHS Alumni officers are voted in at the 10am assembly in the HS auditorium. Note the recently rebuilt theater organ on the stage.

vendors tents
Vendor tents setting up on the field next to the school parking lot.

Patti with updated SP history book
Patti Bruce Young purchased one the recently updated South Pasadena, 1888-1988, A Centenial History second edition book which added 1988-2008 and was on sale for $20 at the SP Public Library tent.

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